There’s An App for That …

There’s An App for That

If you have stood at a checkout hoping you haven’t moved the card you’re looking for into the other wallet or left it on your desk, or if you find yourself shuffling through an endless pile of loyalty cards, you may find one of these apps (available in ITunes or from Google Play) will let you ditch the plastic and lighten the load.APP

Key Ring lets you scan, store and track merchant rewards cards direct from your smartphone. It also lets you join new programs, receive mobile coupons and synchronise the app online. The app allows you to add cards by just scanning them in by using your smartphone camera and the barcode or entering it manually. Key Ring produces merchant information when the barcodes are scanned, or you can enter data from the website. You will need to create an account to do this, but it’s worth it – the website synchronises beautifully with the app and maintains a backup of your data that easily transfers to a new phone. Key Ring displays both the barcode and the numbers associated with each program, so cashiers can enter the numbers manually if need be. Key Ring is free and it works .

The Simple Wallet App by DKK allows you to secure all of your passwords and valuable information in a very simple way. Their program allows you to create notes and photos, which are encoded within the app instead of in the phone’s gallery. Due to a few simple independent algorithms and the absence of an internet connection, each note and photograph is encrypted separately and therefore data theft is prevented. There is a Lite version available for free on  both

Itunes and Google Play or the full version is $3.44 or US$2.99.

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